Frequently asked questions

How much space do we need at the venue?

Each venue is unique but we are happy to locate our creche in a separate room or within the main wedding room itself

What do you need to supply us with?

You and/or your venue need to provide the following:

  • A suitable area as described above

  • Tables, chairs and high chairs (if necessary)

  • Appropriate nappies, wet wipes and disposal bags (most parents simply give us the child's usual changing bag)

  • Food and drink for the children

How much does it cost?

Obviously each wedding and event is different and the cost will depend largely on the number of children in attendance. This number dictates how many staff members we will send. However to give you some idea of the typical cost, here are the numbers for a recent (and very typical wedding) that we attended;

The wedding had 15 children in attendance, (3 x under 2's, 6 x 2 - 4 year olds & 6 x 5+ year olds)

4pm - We arrived one hour before the speeches began to set up

5pm - Whilst the speeches were on for approx 1 hour, we entertained the children and held their attention

6pm - We continued to play with and entertain the children with many parents visiting to check on their children 

7pm - Evening food was served and most parents collected their children so they could eat together

8pm - The evening disco started and our team took many of the children up to dance

9pm - The venue had provided a large TV screen so we played a movie for some of the older ones in a chill out zone, whilst others continued to play in our main area. Some rejoined their families for the trip home and others went off to bed in their hotel room.

10.30pm - We began packing up and left the venue at 11pm

For this scenario we provided 3 childcare professionals from 4pm to 11pm and our totally inclusive fee was £495

What if a child gets upset?

Our staff are experienced childcare professionals and look after young children every single day in their main jobs as nursery professionals. They are all friendly and bubbly and very well trained in distracting children & creating a fun environment that they will love to be in.


What if a child gets ill or injured?

All our staff are fully first aid trained and work with young children on a daily basis. We adhere to all the regulations imposed upon UK childcare establishments including nurseries & schools.


Can I add further children after placing my booking?

This is absolutely not a problem, however, if it dramatically affects our 'staff to child ratio' we may need to send an extra staff member and there will be an additional charge levied at this time. 

Do you offer additional services?

Yes, there are various other services we are happy to discuss with you, for example we sometimes provide babysitting in a guests hotel room. Please contact us if this is something you may wish to explore further.